Focus on oneself – in both mind and body

    The Community

    We love people and we love to connect to and through the deepest part of ourselves, encouraging each other to nurture ourselves and to live in the present moment. At Hola Yoga we want to encourage all yogis to begin, and to continue their individual journey in the practice of yoga. Exhaling stress and limitations, and inhaling confidence and strength.

    Our approach is grounded in the traditional lineages of yoga. We acknowledge all eight limbs of yoga: Yama (ethical disciplines), Niyama (self observation), Asana (postures), Pranayama (breath control), Pratyahara (sense withdrawal), Dhrana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (a blissful state of joy and peace).

    Through mindfulness and a deeper understanding of the powerful combination of mind and body, Hola Yoga practices with a holistic approach to each class.

    The space

    Hola Yoga Studio is a place to practice and continually evolve. A serene environment in which to spend time with yourself, and within yourself. A beautiful space to nourish the mind and the body.

    The Inspiration

    Our teachers are passionate about their own yoga journey and love to teach from the place of own experience of the Yoga teachings. They are consistently participating in workshops and trainings to enhance their own knowledge.

    We view everyday as a day to learn. At Hola Yoga there is no separation between teacher and student. Each teacher finds their purpose of sharing their knowledge by connecting to the main reason of why they practice and love yoga.

    At Hola Yoga our pure intention is to create an environment where each and every student feels safe and supported in exploring a more connected, content and mindful way of life without judgement and no expectation. Everyone is welcome no matter the level of your practice or age.

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