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    Ayami Urli

    Yoga Instructor and Founder

    “Yoga is the path to conciousness” 

    I discovered yoga 10 years ago when Yoga was part of a Health Coaching program I was involved in that time. I still remember my first class ever thinking “What is this? Why is my mind taking me to so many places at once?” I decided to take on a regular practice and day by day I felt so much bliss every time I was on my mat, something that I have never experienced before.

    I am a mumma of 2 beautiful boys, Nathan and James and through them I find the real meaning of love and life. This meaning invites me to step on my mat everyday to practice or to teach, for me both are as important.

    My classes are a combination of movement, breath and music. I like to offer a class where everyone is able to be themselves without judgement. I am passionate about sharing the joy that yoga can bring to our lives and like to invite my students to play their edge in a safe and encouraging environment.

    I have trained with Power Living, Jo Phee for Yin Yoga, Creature Yoga Byron Bay and Gwyn Williams for Zen Thai Shiatsu. Just recently, I was lucky enough to meet an amazing music teacher, a person that not only has taught me music but also has taught me to see the beauty in everything I do in my life everyday.

    Since that day, I began to take the opportunity of creating a Yoga community at Chiroease Wellness Studio, where I developed an even deeper love for Yoga. A love that I can’t put into words.

    My intention at Hola Yoga is to offer a space where everyone can be themselves, where everyone can share and connect with others. The physical practice is respected, as a way to showing us the path to full connection to ourselves. For me Yoga is not a work-out but a work in. I am forever grateful to be a Yoga teacher.


    Our team


    Ayami Urli


    Kody Galea

    Melissa Bell

    Melissa Bell


    Lucy Liga


    Chloe Mez





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    Chloe Mez

    I found yoga to settle my anxiety, something I battled with since a teenager. However, it wasn’t until my 9 month adventure in South America in 2014, that I obtained my 200HR Yoga training in Mexico, and continued to share my love of yoga on the shores of Central America.  Since then, I have also completed my 300HR Yoga Training in Bali with Kula Collective, 50HR Yin Training in Melbourne and 60HR Trauma-Informed Yoga Training in Bali.

    Now, back in my home town of Melbourne, I carry those influences and experiences into the studio. My Vinyasa classes are challenging but inviting. My Yin classes are grounding and I always encourage students to explore the connection between mind and body, in a safe and nurturing space.


    I took my fist step on my yoga path in 2017 when I was over in Thailand preparing for MMA (mixed martial arts). At the time I was living a very rigorous and simply self destructive life style that was highly supported by the misperception that I wasn’t good enough.

    During a training session, my coach said and I quote “you have without a doubt the tightest hips I have ever seen”, which held a lot of merit seeing this was a guy who’d been training many top professional fighters for many years. He then immediately put me into 2 yoga classes per week and the rest is history!

    Upon returning home, I started trying different styles of yoga and began learning about the other 7 limbs and really started seeing yoga as more than just an exercise regime but more as a set of elaborate maps to help guide us through illusions both externally and internally we constantly encounter throughout our lives. Today my practice consists of a non negotiable meditation and pranayama practice before I start my day, followed by my Asana practice later on, predominately consisting of handstands and yin!

    I’m a big believer in embodied practice and leading by example and I feel that resonates with my teaching methods, you can find me being heavily immersed in the energy of the class and feeling exactly what you’re feeling by demonstrating a vast majority of the class sequences all the while keeping a close eye on each class member to ensure we’re all practicing in a safe beneficial manner.

    “When the how is hidden,

    Focus on your why and the how will present itself” – favourite quote


    My yoga practice is inspired by my culture, spirituality, and my professional work. I am from Thailand and with an Indian (Punjabi) background, I practice yoga as a mindfulness practice, and I work as a lecturer in the field of Mental Health Counselling. I am very passionate about the mind-body connection and am often engaged in research within this area. I am also a licensed and registered Mental Health Therapist.

    In terms of yoga training, I was trained in Hatha, Yin, and Hot yoga in Thailand. After my Yoga training, I opened up my own studio in Thailand before relocating to Australia. I have since received training in Yoga Therapy and use yogic techniques to supplement my mental health work for the benefit of my clients and students.

    I enjoy practicing yoga as a way to lighten my mind and strengthen my physical self. Yoga is a tool I use to discover myself, and I am delighted to say I learn something new about myself all the time!

    “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response . In our response lies our growth and freedom” – favourite quote

    Kody Galea

    Kody’s classes focus on the transitions and feeling connected with the body, mind and breath. Kody discovered yoga in 2017, and fell in love with this way to create peace with anxiety and found strength in her physical body after years of injuries. In 2018, Kody did her 200 hour Yoga training with Power Living, and 50 hour Yin Yoga training with Hugh Lee. In 2019, Kody trained in aerial yoga, mat and reformer pilates.

    More recently Kody completed the Art of Assisting and Prenatal Yoga trainings with Cecily Chun. This variety of practises and trainings have allowed Kody to offer diversity and creativity in her teaching, delivered in a nurturing, fun-loving way.

    Melissa Bell

    As a professional dancer and aerialist, also a dance teacher, Melissa has worked many years abroad until she found yoga through her love for dance.

    Initially attracted to the physical benefits, she quickly discovered the many other positive healing effects of practicing yoga. Her extensive movement background influences her emphasis on consciousness of the mind, body and breath connection.

    Her classes are energising and suitable for all levels.

    Lucy Liga

    Lucy has a passion for exploration, curiosity and-accessing inner wisdom through meditation, yoga and qigong.

    She loves all aspects of yoga and sharing it with others so each person can find the depth and value of the practice for themselves.

    She loves watching students feel into the body, release layers of holding and tension and find a freedom of expression: free from doubt, fear, comparison and judgement, seeing that beautiful moment where each students meets themselves on the mat fully and completely.

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