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    Ayami Urli

    Yoga Instructor and Founder

    “Yoga is the path to conciousness” 

    I discovered yoga 10 years ago when Yoga was part of a Health Coaching program I was involved in that time. I still remember my first class ever thinking “What is this? Why is my mind taking me to so many places at once?” I decided to take on a regular practice and day by day I felt so much bliss every time I was on my mat, something that I have never experienced before.

    I am a mumma of 2 beautiful boys, Nathan and James and through them I find the real meaning of love and life. This meaning invites me to step on my mat everyday to practice or to teach, for me both are as important.

    My classes are a combination of movement, breath and music. I like to offer a class where everyone is able to be themselves without judgement. I am passionate about sharing the joy that yoga can bring to our lives and like to invite my students to play their edge in a safe and encouraging environment.

    I have trained with Power Living, Jo Phee for Yin Yoga, Creature Yoga Byron Bay and Gwyn Williams for Zen Thai Shiatsu. Just recently, I was lucky enough to meet an amazing music teacher, a person that not only has taught me music but also has taught me to see the beauty in everything I do in my life everyday.

    Since that day, I began to take the opportunity of creating a Yoga community at Chiroease Wellness Studio, where I developed an even deeper love for Yoga. A love that I can’t put into words.

    My intention at Hola Yoga is to offer a space where everyone can be themselves, where everyone can share and connect with others. The physical practice is respected, as a way to showing us the path to full connection to ourselves. For me Yoga is not a work-out but a work in. I am forever grateful to be a Yoga teacher.


    Our team


    Ayami Urli


    Kody Galea


    Hillary Sutton


    Dee Leach


    Mei Won


    Chloe Mez


    Sangeetha N



    About us

    Chloe Mez

    I found yoga to settle my anxiety, something I battled with since a teenager. However, it wasn’t until my 9 month adventure in South America in 2014, that I obtained my 200HR Yoga training in Mexico, and continued to share my love of yoga on the shores of Central America.  Since then, I have also completed my 300HR Yoga Training in Bali with Kula Collective, 50HR Yin Training in Melbourne and 60HR Trauma-Informed Yoga Training in Bali.

    Now, back in my home town of Melbourne, I carry those influences and experiences into the studio. My Vinyasa classes are challenging but inviting. My Yin classes are grounding and I always encourage students to explore the connection between mind and body, in a safe and nurturing space.

    Hillary Sutton

    Through Yoga, I am slowly peeling back all the layers to remind myself of who I am and what inspires me on this path. I wear multiple hats as a mother, a daughter, a wife, a Yoga teacher and Make-Up Artist. Most importantly, I am a warm soul that has come to share her truth through creating true connection with others.

    When I followed my intuition and found the courage to leave behind a successful 15 year corporate career, I allowed myself to put the briefcase down to stop, breath and live again. Yoga became my sanctuary through challenging times in my life dealing with past trauma and internal conflict. I continue to rediscover myself through Yoga as I regain my strength, body, mind and soul and continue to evolve.

    My intention is to share a balanced nurturing Yin and Yang practice that offers fluidity, creativity, stillness and breath awareness. I often weave in poetry to use language as a tool to offer opportunities for self enquiry, reflection and welcome the sense of inner spaciousness.

    My Kids Yoga classes offer an inclusive, safe place for children to explore, connect with themselves and their peers, build resilience and self-esteem, breathing and visualisation techniques, creative partner work and self help tools are used to cultivate mindfulness and assist with life’s little challenges.

    I have trained with Yoga Flame, Yin Yoga training and Yoga Mentorship program with Jennifer Crezcenzo and Foundation, Advanced and Yoga Therapy Kids Yoga training with Lorraine Rushton

    Sangeetha N

    I fell in love with yoga in a hot sweaty space during a 30 day Bikram yoga challenge. A daily practice of 90 minutes in a 40.5 degrees Celsius and 40 percent humidity studio doing a fixed sequence of 26 postures. Towards the end of the challenge, I was blown away by the paradox of finding calm in a steady mind amidst the discomfort of all externalities. Living in the chaotic city of New York at that time, the 90 minutes of pure focus made me realize that quietening the noisy mind was a possibility. Since then, the practice of yoga both on and off the mat acts as my compass in life.

    I completed my Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (350 hours) at Australian Yoga Academy. My longing to learn more about this beautiful practice slowly transformed into a responsibility to share it with others. My heart is very much rooted in the Ashtanga Yoga practice and I am currently working through the intermediate series with my teacher at Mysore Melbourne. I am also deeply passionate about movement from various disciplines and continue to explore new movement practices. Arm balancing is an area I specialize in and coach, I completed my 70 hours certification in Controlled Strength Arm Balance Coaching at Power and Posture School of Arm Balance.

    My classes reflect my personal practice as I strongly believe that we will always be students in this life-long journey of learning. The flow classes I teach incorporate the concept of one breath one movement to encourage practitioners to move with awareness, self-explore and build strength both physically and mentally. I am artistic with my creative movement flow as I am convinced that movement allows for the full expression of our true selves.

    Kody Galea

    Kody’s classes focus on the transitions and feeling connected with the body, mind and breath. Kody discovered yoga in 2017, and fell in love with this way to create peace with anxiety and found strength in her physical body after years of injuries. In 2018, Kody did her 200 hour Yoga training with Power Living, and 50 hour Yin Yoga training with Hugh Lee. In 2019, Kody trained in aerial yoga, mat and reformer pilates.

    More recently Kody completed the Art of Assisting and Prenatal Yoga trainings with Cecily Chun. This variety of practises and trainings have allowed Kody to offer diversity and creativity in her teaching, delivered in a nurturing, fun-loving way.

    Mei Won

    I discovered yoga the day I was invited to join a class with a friend of mine, as I was curious to find out first-hand what yoga was all about.

    Yoga is an art, it is not a fitness program, it’s a practice of loving and accepting your body and who you are as a person.

    I love to offer a strong and fluid class that demonstrates a continuous flow from start to finish. Prepare to get sweaty and connect fully with your body.

    I love the practice of yoga because it teaches the mind, body and spirit connection. From this love and appreciation of Yoga, it has inspired me to become a teacher. I strive to create an environment where people feel a sense a pride, inclusion and empowerment.

    I have trained with Power Living with Duncan Peak and Bess and Tahl from Creature Yoga in Byron Bay. I have completed as well 50 hrs of Zen Thai Shiatsu massage with Gwyn Williams.

    Dee Leach

    With over 15 years in the corporate world I understand the pressures of office life. After finding balance within my own life with yoga I turned that love into her passion and career. I love to teach from a personal physical perspective. Focusing on building an understanding of your own body and what works for you rather than what you think you are suppose to experience.

    I like to say, “I love yoga as it’s a fully rounded practice that helps connect all aspects of my life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And when everything works together it all seems to go a little more smoothly (and fun)”

    I have trained in hot yoga, vinyasa, yin, meditation and Zenthai flow and shiatsu.


    Ever since my first yoga class in my early 20s I knew I wanted to become a teacher and share this beautiful practice with people. Pilates and Barre on the other hand terrified me – that burn was INTENSE!!!  Fast forward through almost 15 years of self practice, lots of encouraging conversations, lots of self doubt and a few teacher trainings later and I could not imagine my life without Yoga, Pilates or Barre.

    In 2016, I completed Yoga and Pilates studies under the guidance of Michelle Cassidy at Essence of Living on the Gold Coast and have been teaching ever since. Sharing these practices with others, and empowering people to find joy in movement is my passion and I am grateful every day that I get to call this my job!

    Whatever movement modality you join me for my style is dynamic and intense. Expect to sweat in strong vinyasa classes filled with lots of chatarungas or Barre where just when you think you’ve had enough we add in a pulse set.  I love to make your legs quiver, your abs shake and your booty burn. All with a smile on my face, a sense of humour, an evil laugh and a banging play list. Can’t wait to meet you on the mat lovers Kx

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